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Your road to debt relief and financial independence begins with your initial consultation.  During your initial consultation, we will discuss all aspect of your financial situation and develop a strategic plan of action based on your specific circumstances and the opportunities available.

In order to properly evaluate you case and advise you accordingly, I will need a number of documents.  Also, in order to actually file your petition, additional documentation will be required.  In order to prepare and file your petition, the following documents will need to be prepared and filed.

Based on the information that you provide.  Our offices will prepare a list of creditors, schedules of assets, liabilities, income and expenses.  You will also need to provide the following:
  • A certificate of credit counseling.
  • Pay stubs for the 60 days before filing your case.
  • Tax returns or transcripts for the most recent tax year.
  • Tax returns filed during the case including tax returns for prior years that had not been filed when the case began.
  • Photo identification.
  • All or most delinquent tax returns -- in most cases before the Section 341 Meeting of Creditors. Failure to provide the documents within 45 days after the petition has been filed results in automatic dismissal of the case.

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    Low Flat Fees

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