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Estate Planning

Where will your assets, or estate, go when you die? You want to make sure your beneficiaries are well taken care of, and having an estate plan ensures that. A good estate plan will maximize the funds that will transfer to your intended beneficiaries by exercising full knowledge of federal and state tax law. Trusts and wills are two ways that WRS Law can work with you to ensure that your beneficiaries will receive the largest amount of your estate they are entitled to. WRS Law has the experience and reputation in the Muskegon area to let you have peace of mind that your beneficiaries will be well protected in the event of your death.

Protect the assets that you’ve worked your whole lifetime for, and ensure your heirs receive the inheritance they’re entitled to. Contact or (231) 728-9023 to get started.


Transferring your estate can be a complicated matter. The probate process legally dictates what happens to your estate, and any claimants’ responsibilities. The probate process typically involves two steps:

  • Payment of your debts to creditors.
  • Transfer of your assets to your designated beneficiaries.

Regardless if your probate process is complex or reasonably easy, WRS Law can help you. Having a guide through the probate process that you can trust will provide you peace of mind so your loved ones can focus on what’s important in the event of your death. With our professional expertise and experience in probate law, WRS Law is the Muskegon area law firm you can trust to handle your estate.

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