If you own nothing then you are truly free and will have no need or requirement to have a will.  But in this day and age it is rare for the majority in the West not to have some belongings of some shape or form.  If you care what happens to your property and belongings after you die, make a will.  If you don’t put one together then it falls into the hands of the state to decide who inherits your wears.

Wills are vital if you are in a relationship but not married and you have children too.  The law does not recognise cohabitants as having the same rights as wives, husbands and civil partners.  If your children are young it could lead to complications as to who will care for them.

A good wills solicitor should be consulted if you have property or foresee complications after your death.  Legal advice from a wills solicitor should be sought to prevent people making claims on your estate as dependents may depend on you financially.  You can include a trust in your will for a specific child to ensure their specific needs are looked after when you are gone.  A good will’s solicitor will iron out any complications you may have in regards to overseas property you may own or any business commitments you have.

A will should remain dynamic as circumstances surrounding you may change and this can have a direct impact on the implications for a will.  For example, separation, divorce or your civil partnership may dissolve and situations that arise like this can result in a will becoming inadequate or invalid.

Before you sit down to make a will ensure you call upon the services of a will solicitor.  It isn’t unusual for people to write their own will but there are various legal formalities to be adhered before a will is recognised by law.  Any mistakes, oversights or misconceptions made a will could have a detrimental effect and you may not be around to rectify this.  So ensure you employ the services of an experience wills solicitor either with a prepared will or to discuss your situation.

It isn’t a daunting task to find a wills solicitor as most family solicitors offer this type of service.  They will only require basic information from you to ensure all your required stipulations are met.  There is obviously a cost involved with the legality and finality of the will but it is no means expensive for guaranteed peace of mind.