It is good news for people who suffered damages as a result of using the weed-killer Imprelis. The manufacturer of the weed-killer has settled for the lawsuit that imposed the company’s famed weed-killer Imprelis® for irreversible damages to trees and other vegetation. Imprelis® weed killer was extensively used for 11 months by lawn-care professionals across the United States except for New York and California. Through the settlement, property owners who suffered substantial damages to their trees and other vegetation will benefit big-time. The attorney also mentioned that the settlement also benefits persons who have already benefited from the manufacturer’s settlement program.

As per the Imprelis® Claims Resolution Procedure, property owners have the right to submit a claim irrespective of whether they have accepted or submitted a claim before. The settlement benefits the three classes in different ways. Class 1, which includes property owners, who had applied Imprelis® to their trees and whose trees were damaged and killed when adjacent property owners applied the weed-killer, are qualified for tree care and replacement compensation, damaged tree removal, and a warranty for tree protection against future Imprelis® damage. Consumers and businesses who wish to retain the right to sue the Imprelis® manufacturer for environmental or personal damages will not benefit by the settlement.

Persons can visit the settlement website for information on how to claim benefits from the settlement. The site also has photos of the Imprelis® damaged trees and vegetation. Persons can also call on the given number for more information.

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