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Hillsboro, Oregon Attorney Oscar Garcia
Criminal Defense Lawyer

Oscar Garcia is a Hillsboro, Oregon criminal defense attorney. He has practiced criminal defense exclusively for fifteen years. Oscar specializes in criminal defense only. He has handled all types of criminal cases ranging from misdemeanor offenses, Ballot Measure 11 felony charges to large scale Federal drug conspiracy cases. Oscar has handled hundreds of cases in Oregon. He has extensive experience in court trials, jury trials, motion hearings and in negotiating plea agreements with prosecutors on all types of criminal cases. Oscar's years of experience give him the knowledge on how to navigate the criminal justice system to best represent the interest of his clients. If you have been charged with a crime, no matter what type, he is prepared to defend you. Oscar takes every case very seriously because he understands that no matter what the accusation may be, it will have a serious impact in his client's life, family and future.

Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyer

With 15 years of criminal defense experience, Oscar Garcia has successfully represented clients in Oregon and Federal courts in a broad range of criminal matters, including:

If you would like to meet with Oscar for a consultation regarding your legal matter, please call 503-693-1095 to schedule an appointment. Located one block from the Washington County Courthouse.