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Liquor License Law

liquorBeing the owner of a bar or other venue that serves alcohol can be a rewarding yet challenging venture. The establishment faces many exposures to risk – for example, over-serving a patron, serving an underage patron or the ever-present risk of criminal activity.

WRS Law can help those planning to open one of these establishments to ensure they operate under full compliance with the law, and are legally well-protected. WRS Law works with Muskegon-area establishments to fully review and advise owners on how to operate legally and to limit any exposure that may endanger their establishment’s financial and legal stability.

WRS Law will guide you on the application and maintenance of a liquor license, and compliance with the different types of licenses required, depending on the type of establishment. Additionally, WRS Law will ensure your establishment will work with your municipality’s noise and entertainment ordinances.

Setting up a bar or pub can be confusing, but with the office of WRS Law, you can minimize your legal exposure while maximizing the chance that your new venture is a successful one.

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