Summer Construction Blues Equals Progress for Muskegon Business Development

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Summer Construction Blues Equals Progress for Muskegon Business Development

Muskegon Development is on the rise

Businesses are moving in and road construction is in high gear!

Summer construction is such a drag. Seriously, do we really need new roads? Of course we do. It’s a fact of life that in our society roads and transportation are a requirement for progress. For a long while progress was a foreign term in Muskegon County but … and wow has Development in Muskegon blown up in the past few years!

Muskegon Real Estate Development and Progress

Down[town] to brass tax.

If you live in Muskegon the changes that are taking place over time may not be so obvious to you. Please, let me tell you something! This town is moving in the right direction and gaining steam every day. It definitely does not look a thing like I remember. To give you perspective of how I saw the city I think one location will sum it up well… Muskegon Mall, enough said.

Inside Mia and Grace of Muskegon MI

Inside Mia and Grace of Muskegon MI

We stopped at a restaurant called Mia and Grace for a bite and holy cow was it good. In fact the cow part works twice because I had the All American Burger with greens and it was superb. They aren’t paying me for this, so I cannot go on… for now:) This is a great example of development and progress in the downtown Muskegon area. Over the last 20 years or so, successful small businesses have trended in the direction of specialties and niche products, Mia and Grace is just one example that Muskegon is able to support the growth.


The article is about construction and development in Muskegon, Jeff…

So, how does this all tie in? The road construction is a pain in the butt. No way around it.. Honestly, I would be more concerned if there was no construction, and so should you. That situation is an indication that the businesses that pay the taxes are not doing well, or simply do not exist. I think we can all agree that is not what we want. Some businesses that have found success in downtown Muskegon have done so in pre-existing locations, while others have taken the route of purchasing real-estate and starting anew. Many of the new real-estate development projects are located on the lake side of downtown.

The all new Muskegon farmers market. Open for business May 2014 - Downtown Muskegon

The all new Muskegon farmers market. Open for business May 2014 – Downtown Muskegon

The BRAND NEW Farmer’s market is set to open in May. The market will undoubtedly bring needed exposure to the area so be sure to check it out this spring!

New Development - Outside the Muskegon Culinary Institute in Downtown Muskegon

New Development – Outside the Muskegon Culinary Institute in Downtown Muskegon

The Culinary Institute of Michigan is a new addition to the culture of Downtown Muskegon The institute is housed in a beautifully designed space in the heart of downtown. It is surrounded by new development and plenty of opportunities to get your hands dirty.

Want to get in on the progress? Consider this first.

When starting a business, especially a small business, it is imperative to mind ones pints and quarts (p’s and q’s) from the get go. Often people misappropriate their start-up with  premature marketing and misguided advice from a friend or know-it-all buddy. (everyone knows a know-it-all!) These mistakes are often costly and manifest the difficulties of business ownership for years to come. A great example is a business (name redacted to protect the innocent) that purchased a parcel of land  to construct a restaurant/tavern and failed to properly investigate the details of liquor license acquisition. This resulted in an process that was costly and time consuming, and ultimately fatal to the business. Many areas within cities have limits on factors such as the number of liquor licenses issued, proximity to public buildings like the post office, schools, day care facilities, and so on.

Steps to getting your new business started on the right foot (or left if you prefer)

  1. Formulate a business plan. Get your idea on paper and talk with someone (preferably educated on the subject) to evaluate if your plan is feasible.
  2. Find a business law attorney you are comfortable with and can affordThis is the most important step. make sure you are going the right direction. Time is not cheap and your money is hard earned. Consider an attorney’s fees as an investment in the business pay back in droves.
  3. Find a location for your business using your attorney’s resources. Driving around all day with a Realtor might seem like a good idea at first because, after all, that is what they do. But, does a Realtor inherently know about business law? Not by a long shot. Many people don’t think of this, but your business lawyer/real-estate lawyer is fully capable of, and legally authorized to, conduct real-estate transactions. (some attorney’s are good enough to take care of both business and real-estate. Bill Sininger is a perfect example!) A Realtor is often a good resource in addition to your attorney.

The next steps in the process are largely determined by the type of business you want to start. That is a story that should be written with the knowledgeable guidance and legal expertise of a reasonably priced, locally versed real-estate and business attorney. One who lives and works in the area.  One whom has a record of proven results and countless satisfied repeat clients.

William R. Sininger, Attorney at Law has practiced honest, direct, and professional real-estate and business law in the Muskegon, MI area for the past 30+ years, and with great success. Make the correct decision today. You will rest assured knowing you are under the wing of the best Muskegon has to offer.

Call (231) 728-9023 today or drop us an email using our contact form.  Your Muskegon Lawyer. Pure Michigan Law.

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