Niche law firm or boutique law firm is basically a collection of the attorneys who are organized in the limited liability partnership that specializes in the niche area of the law practice. Generally, a practice law company can include various unconnected practice areas in single firm only but there are a few niche law firms that specialize in the few or only one or two practice areas. Niche applies to the firms which focus on the particular areas, irrespective of their size, even though these are usually smaller in size.

Niche law firms maintain the competition in high regard in various fields. These should actually be encouraged because they add competitive force to the international law practice. For example, niche law can be related to particular areas such as patent laws or intellectual property.

As far as the headcount is concerned, some of the niche law firms can be large while others can be small with just one center. They can be involved in niche such as litigation, mediation and arbitration as well as other related laws. Instead of working as the solo attorney, niche law can be an excellent way of profession for the attorneys to choose. The most crucial factor is that you may earn on the per hour basis which is indeed very good.

For example, if you are a niche law attorney, you would only be required to edit the documents as well as forms instead of creating them from the very beginning. This can be a wonderful time saver, while at the same time allowing you to get benefits in the long run. Apart from this, niche law can make attorneys confident and comfortable in their profession as well.